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Prokletije (Accursed mountains)

This somewhat scary name refers to several mountain chains between Skadar lake in the southwest and Metohija plain in the northeast (in the narrow sense), as well as to the chain from the mountain Čakor to the upper flow of the river Ibar and Kosovska Mitrovica (Prokletije in a broader sense).

The peaks and heights of Prokletije envelop the Montenegrin-Albanian and Montenegrin – Kosovo border. This place is also the border of basins i.e. watersheds of Adriatic (the wellspring of the river Drim tributaries) and Black sea basin (the river Lim wellspring). Since the rocks of Prokletije are impermeable, there are a lot of water flows, and snow that stays till late summer helps them to remain, not to die away. The highest peak of Prokletije, Maja jezerce (in Albania), with its 2,694 m is the highest peak of the Dinarides.

“A man can get creeps and get scared when watching the cruel and wild appearance of this gigantic mountain” Jovan Cvijić said in his description of Prokletije. He added that this mountain was “the most complicated, the most inaccessible and the wildest mountain chain in the Balkan peninsula, taking the second place in Europe, after the Alps”.

However, the northeast part of Prokletije or the north group which starts from the mountain (and the pass) Čakor (Mokra mountain is here, as well as Hajla, Rusolija, Žljeb, Mokra gora), is a story for itself. Unlike the Plav-Gusinje and Albanian Prokletije which is either a stunning, picturesque combination of leniency and wilderness or clean, intimidating , mysterious wilderness, this north group of mountains is a lot less craggy, has a milder relief and in general gives more opportunities for calmness and enjoyment.

Alongside the route Čakor – Vaganica – Mokra – Smiljevica, above the wood, pastures take a vast expanse of the mountain. There are numerous cattle-raising katuns in the area.