The flora of Prokletije largely resembles the character of the central European flora, with significant involvement of arcto-Alpine and sub-Mediterranean elements. The large number of species is endemic, endemic-relict, relict, rare and many are medicinal and melliferous.

The wealth of vascular flora of Prokletije is estimated to close to 2,000 species, and thus, this mountain massif can be considered as, in flora and vegetation sense, one of the richest in whole of the Balkan Peninsula.

A large number of endemic species is recorded at the Prokletije and they make a significant part of endemic flora of the Balkan Peninsula. The basic generators of endemism are extraordinary geological diversity, rockiness, height, relatively good isolation, and, despite all these, a good connection of Prokletije to other high mountains of the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. Local endemic species typify the most interesting and significant, often the riskiest, group, considering preservation of genetic and special diversity.

According to the Decision of the Republic of Montenegro Agency for Environment Protection, of 415 protected plant species in Montenegro, 60 can be found on Prokletije. Based on international codex and criteria, 42 species of international significance are registered in the area of Prokletije, that is, 42 globally significant species which are included in the European Red List due to their level of vulnerability.