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What Are Katuns?

Katuns are temporary, farmer’s settlements in the mountains, at high altitudes, where herders move their livestock to graze in the summer. The tradition of herders moving high into the mountains is a long one, and the nomadic way of life has throughout history developed a special culture and customs unique only to the katuns. At the present time this moving of livestock to katuns is practiced less and less each year, but this tradition is still maintained. As mountain tourism in Montenegro grows and develops, the shepherds in katuns became part of the tourist offer for several reasons.

Katuns are located at high altitudes, usually in vicinity of hiking and biking trails, and tourists often encounter katuns on their travels. Special architecture of katuns, well integrated into the environment, as well as a specific culture that can be found here represent something that tourists from Western Europe and other countries rarely have the opportunity to see. The food that is eaten in the katuns, though simple, is extremely tasty and good, so outdoor enthusiasts, after a day-long journey and effort, enjoy the local cuisine that is rarely found in the offer of local restaurants.