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Katun Road Pešter Pastures

Welcome to the katun road called Pešter pastures!

It is highly probable that you haven’t been here as a tourist before, so get ready to see something completely new. We would like to reveal a special, cattle breeding, region to you, an area outside all of the beaten tourist routes but still very attractive and steeped in tradition and heritage. Pešter is a special zone for us Montenegrins, too. This is an endless highland, the largest on the Balkan peninsula, so it is no wonder it’s called a Balkan Tibet! The largest part of the highland is situated in Serbia, but one part of it is stretched along the border between Montenegro and Serbia, a significant one for Montenegrin cattle breeders for ages, and this is the part which we want to show you.

Unlike other Montenegrin mountains, which are either forested or rocky, you will see a completely different scenery here. Like, endless pastures and mounds at the altitude of more than 1,000 meters, seemingly mild landscape dotted with sheep flocks and cow herds. But, don’t let yourself be deceived by this gentleness – when the wind starts blowing this high in the mountain, with no forests and high peaks to tame it and slow it down, you will experience the mountain in its true colors, the colors our cattle breeders are used to and have learned to accept as a part of their life on the mountain. This is also the reason why their cabins are not completely traditional, our cattle breeders are tired of building them over and over again, after they are blown away by the harsh Pešter winds. So, they used the advantage of modern materials in order to save the roofs over their heads, even during the raw weather. But don’t you get upset, there are plenty of traditions left, and this is what we wish to show you, together with some magnificent scenery of Pešter.

It’s a must, in fact, to meet our cattle breeders here. You shouldn’t think that highlanders originating from these harsh regions have no warmth and hospitality that will make you feel as if you are with your family. The situation is quite contrary! Each and every traveler will be welcomed as if he is of the same blood, no one will be allowed to leave hungry or thirsty. Trust us, when researching this part of the country, we were also showered by their usual hospitality, even from those who seemed disagreeable. If you travelled along other katun roads in Montenegro, this one would seem different, because Bosniak population is dominant here, and their culture, cuisine and customs are distinct.  This is why you will enjoy; this diversity of Montenegrin areas and people is what we take pride in and what we would like to convey. And, since this road was created in cooperation with our partners from Kosovo, we would recommend to just go over the border, visit the Kosovo part of the road, see their tradition, where Albanian population is dominant. Border crossings are a real treat, such a small territory but generous in culture and different influences, as if it’s made for research.

And so, to make the long story short, you will have an opportunity to see with your own eyes what we are talking about. Let’s start with concrete things, we’ll describe the region is such a way you will know what to visit, try, get to know. Enjoy!