There are tourists spots called “Guesthouse – Guesthouse LOJZA” in Zlanopoj , Roshkodol mountain which can be used all year round and which offers a comfortable accommodation. It is equipped with space for kitchen and bathroom.

For a one-day stay offers half-board breakfast, lunch and dinner, the food offered by this tourist point is traditional food: flia, pies, sauce, kajmak, yogurt, pies with cabbage, peppers, also offers many other foods. Also the katun collect products from the other farmers and serve tourist which means that community around have benefit from the katun .The katun offer the iron pan (saç) and Barbecue for tourists who are passionate about food preparation

This facility also offers different activities hiking trails etc.

ISUF MEHMETAJ – Roshkodol mountain

Isuf Mehmetaj have  two katuns in different location and these katuns provides for tourist. They are located in the Roshkodol mountain, in Zllanopoje

The season starts from the middle of July to the beginning of November and they offer a accommodation are equipped with sleeping area, bathroom and kitchen.For a 1 day stay is half board: breakfast, dinner and sleeping .He serve national cuisine such as  Flia, home bread, pies with cabbage, cheese, spinach baked in iron pan (saç), pepper with rich cheese ( kajmak)traditional cheese from this area , lamb and goat meat baked in iron pan (saç),  and many many other food  characteristic for this zone

Also they offer riding and hiking.