Rural Tourism

Another potential of rural tourism is agritourism, which refers to visit in a working farm or agricultural operation, horticulture or agribusiness for pleasure, education or active involvement in farm activities. This includes taking part in a wide range of basic farm activities, including those in the farmers’ markets, farm engagement or staying in the farm. The municipalities of Deçan and Junik have a variety of farms, where visitors can get acquainted with the milk processing traditions, the indigenous sheep breed Bardhok, collecting chestnuts and many other activities and attractions that agritourism offers. If you are interested in agro-tourism we recommend that you visit these farms:

  • Rustem Dervishaj, village Istniq, he is the owner of 70 cows, and during summer he goes to katun in the mountains with his cattle. He has invested in building wooden cottages for accommodation of guests, and he offers also traditional food, his family makes high quality cheese, and through the project he has been assisted with equipment for milk processing and solar system.
  • Fadil Bajraktari, village Istniq, has 37 cows and during summer season he also goes to katun in the mountains. He also offers acoommodation, home-made food and dairy products.
  • Burim Dervisaj, village Rzniq in Decan municipality, is also a farmer with 42 cows, and he is active in dairy products.
  • Alji Ismaljaj, village Ratish in Decan municipality, has 30 cows and produces cheese and other dairy products as per customers requests.
  • Neki Gocaj, Junik, has 21 cows and is active in milk processing, production of cheese and cream.